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Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp (30 x 4.5g Powder Sachets)




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Convenient stickpacks for work, home, wherever. Put one of our single serve, stick pack sachets in your bag and enjoy the benefits of baobab wherever you choose to eat. Enclosing thirty gorgeous looking sachets, one box of stickpacks will give you a daily serving of baobab for a whole month. Directions: Sprinkle freely and mix with fruit juice, cereal, porridge, yogurt, smoothies - or wherever your imagination takes you.
  • The Baobab Tree, known as 'The Tree of Life' or 'Upside Down Tree', the baobab is an icon of the African savannah, a symbol of life and positivity in a landscape where very little else can thrive. Growing wild in 32 different countries across the African continent and having a lifespan of up to 5,000 years, it is at the heart of many traditional remedies and folklore.
  • There is no such thing as a baobab plantation; every tree is community-owned and wild-harvested. Aduna works directly with producers in Africa who coordinate harvesting, collection and the highest quality standards, as well as ensuring that growers are paid a fair price. 10% of our profits go into the Aduna Foundation, which supports projects in the communities where our products come from.
  • Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder contains nothing but 100% pure baobab fruit pulp powder.
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